Waterford Youth Lacrosse Association (WYLA) is dedicated to providing youth boys and girls of Waterford with a positive experience in Lacrosse. WYLA supports equal and fair play in providing the players with a fun and challenging opportunity to learn the

WYLA is committed to providing a high-quality lacrosse experience where equitable treatment of players and fundamental skill development take priority over winning and where every player feels like an important part of the team, learns life lessons of value beyond the field, and improves in the fundamental skills of lacrosse.
2021 WYLA Season

Happy 2021 hope all finds you well in the New Year.  As we move forward, we would like to provide an update on where stand with the 2021 WYLA Lacrosse Season and Registration. 


We are currently working though the logistics of this year’s registration, and plan to open the 2021 registration on Monday January 18th.    This year the registration period for the 2021 season will run from January 18th until Monday March 1st.


We do expect that the 2021 season will look different than it has in the past and will keep everyone updated as these details are firmed up. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please use the feedback button located on the top right of the page or you can email kjhlax10@gmail.com



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Coaches for the 2021 Season

As we prepare for the 2021 season, please consider how you might be able to assist the league.  In particular, please consider coaching. Very few of us grew up playing lacrosse so that experience is NOT necessary.  A positive disposition, strong organizational and communication skills, and willingness to learn how to teach lacrosse effectively are the most important assets in a coach.  WYLA can provide access to a wide range of training opportunities for coaches so don’t be shy! 


Not all teams will have openings for coaches so we can not guarantee you a coaching position but please let us know if you might be interested. If you are interested, or would like more information, contact any Board member or

Marie Kenny

WYLA Coaching Chair

(860) 303-9931


Please view the WYLA Coaching Policy to understand the league’s expectations for coaches.


Thank you for considering helping in this way!

by posted 01/11/2021
WYLA Needs Your Help

Hello Waterford Youth Lacrosse community

Waterford lacrosse has been active for the past 13 years and during this time the organization has taken a lot of pride in the way we operate.  Our organization has always striven to be a pillar in youth sports based on how an organization should be run, keeping the kids first and foremost and teaching them the rules of the game as well as competing with pride and integrity.  Due to the youth program, the quality of players has risen, and more and more kids continue through high school and into college.  The success of the high school program has been a direct result of the success we have seen in the youth program and providing confident players with a solid skill set.

We are writing to all of you to let you know that this level of commitment may not be able to continue if we cannot find volunteers.  Currently the board is made up of 6 individuals and has several positions that have been open for over 5  years now.  Of the 6 board members, only 2 have children active in WYLA. Within the next 2 years, none of the current board memebers will have players in the organization.  If we don’t get new volunteers now, we are afraid we will not be able to continue to operate in the future.  To put it in perspective, some of the board members have been serving for the past 6 years without having children in the program.   

Most of the board never played lacrosse but found a love of the sport based on how the organization was run and what it means to the players.  The board has always focused on making it a positive experience for the players, ensuring a safe environment, and defining the expectations of the people involved to continue this philosophy. We would like to find our new volunteers this year to make the transition to a new board more smooth. Our current board members would be happy to help new members understand their roles and the duties involved. 

Currently we are looking for people to manage equipment, a director of coaching, a referee coordinator, fundraising coordinator, scheduler/registration coordinator, and treasurer.  Again, we currently have people in place to transition the positions over but in the next year they will be vacant.

This year will be a turning point for the organization, and it is our hope that all the work that people have put into building this organization over the past 13 years will see it continue for a long time to come. 

If you are interested in volunteering on the board please contact Jeff Sturm 


Thank you

Waterford Youth Lacrosse Board

by posted 02/26/2020
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