Waterford Youth Lacrosse Association (WYLA) is dedicated to providing youth boys and girls of Waterford with a positive experience in Lacrosse. WYLA supports equal and fair play in providing the players with a fun and challenging opportunity to learn the

WYLA is committed to providing a high-quality lacrosse experience where equitable treatment of players and fundamental skill development take priority over winning and where every player feels like an important part of the team, learns life lessons of value beyond the field, and improves in the fundamental skills of lacrosse.
Waterford Youth Apparel

Anyone who ordered apparel - it arrived yesterday and I will try and get it all distributed to the teams today.  Please let me know if you have any questions. 

by posted 06/08/2021
Masking - Still in Effect

We received notice from Parks and Rec this am that since we are a cosponsored program we need to continue to follow the masking protocols set forth at the beginning of the season.  

Parks and Rec is  awaiting more guidance for the Department of Public Health and Ledge Light Health District before issuing formal changes to our masking policy in buildings and/or programs.   We will keep you updated as we are notified to any changes in the policy.  Thanks. 


by posted 05/19/2021
WYLA COVID Policy for 2021 Season

WYLA 2021 COVID Policy  

The COVID point of contact for WYLA will be Jeff Sturm

WYLA will be following the recommendations from the CDC, State, US lacrosse and any guidance provided from the Town of Waterford. 

Practices and Games

Players should put their equipment 6 feet apart behind them on the sidelines.  During a mask or water break players should go to their equipment and remain 6 feet from the other players while their masks are off.  When playing the players are not required to wear a mask but once they come off the field, they must put a mask on.  All players should ensure they come to games and practices with all the needed equipment as they will not be permitted to share equipment or water bottles.   Players will not use the benches during practices and games

Game Policies:

All spectators must wear a facemask as well as social distance to the greatest extent possible.  To minimize the risk to players and respect our opponents, we ask that families minimize attendance at matches. As with training, we ask that families carefully consider how many spectators to bring to a game and expose to possible transmission. Ideally, one spectator per player will help us keep number of people at the field to a minimum and help with contact tracing. Spectators are asked not to mingle with the opposing team. Spectators must place their camp chairs at socially distant spacing. Spectators may not loiter before or after games.

For games played on the turf there will be no standing on the blacktop areas just beyond the ticket booth (follow all signage).  Seat markers will be used to ensure social distancing.  Spectators should use the seating behind their teams bench.

For games played on the grass fields the teams will be placed on opposite sides of the field and the Parents should sit on the same side as their team. Spectators must place their camp chairs at socially distant spacing and must wear a mask at all times.  


In addition to the equipment coaches will be supplied with disinfectant wipes, electronic whistles and rosters for their players.  The coaches will track player attendance for each game and practice.  Coaches should respect the socially distancing rules and must wear a mask on the sidelines.

Coaches should send the above Game rules to each team prior to the games for parent awareness.


During practices the parents are not go onto the field or around the players during practices.  They should wait in the parking lot or at their cars and should continue to follow social distancing rules and wear a mask. 

Please Monitor your players health, especially for symptoms of COVID-19.

 · EXCLUDE your player from play whenever any symptom appears, whether you think it is COVID19 related or not.

· NOTIFY your coach or the WYLA COVID officer immediately if you suspect your player, anyone your player has close contact with, or anyone in your household has symptoms of COVID-19.

Missing practice will not adversely impact future opportunities but spreading an infectious disease throughout the teams  will have a major impact on the safety and Lacrosse experience for everyone. As a community we need to all work together to demonstrate responsible behavior that will keep us all safe and healthy.

by posted 04/11/2021
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